Our Limited Editions are just that, using Quality felts, new high grade leather sweat bands,and VINTAGE ribbon. Not vintage like, not vintage style, not “New Vintage,” but honest to goodness Vintage ribbon I’ve collected over 15 years. I stress this because ribbon manufacturing has changed over the years, reducing the quality. Almost all hat ribbon is a mixture of cotton and rayon, making it pliable and workable.The cotton hasn’t changed, but the rayon has. Forty years ago it was made from wood pulp, but today it is made from synthetics.  This makes it stiffer than in the past and less conforming to the curves of the hat.

Since my ribbon supply is limited to what I have collected, it will limit each style of hat offered. The Limited Editions will have a ten hat limit. Once that limit is reached, they will NOT be produced again in that exact style and ribbon combination. Hopefully this will help you understand why.


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